These materials were developed by Elizabeth Barrette, Cairril Adaire, Cecylyna Dewr, Angie Buchanan, Phyllis Curott, Dana Eilers, Kirsten Rostedt, and Oberon Zell-Ravenheart for use by the Pagan community in public education and letter-writing efforts.

Please note: This is the start of a long-term process. Updates will be added over time as future Boilerplate committees draft supplementary paragraphs. Much of the material is currently focused on Wicca; future updates will expand the material to include additional Pagan paths. In the meantime, for further resources on many Pagan religions, please see the FAQ from the Papal Apology project.

How to use

The idea of a boilerplate is to use it as a template for a personalized letter. Each section addresses a different area. Copy and paste the paragraphs you need into a document of your own creation, then add or subtract information to address your particular situation. For instance, don't include a "legal" paragraph if you're responding to a situation where the law is not involved.

Please note: None of the information herein constitutes legal advice; should you be in need of legal assistance, please contact a professional.

Resource page on Pagan Legal Rights
Earth Religion Rights Contacts
Earth Religions Legal Assistance Pages

Possible categories of applicability
Right of home worship
Child custody cases
Discrimination at work or school
Public displays of religious favoritism
Inaccurate/offensive portrayals of Paganism
Harassment of Pagans