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The Summit was a wonderful opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones, and have a great time. It also resulted in many concrete accomplishments:

We came together
Representatives of a variety of Pagan organizations, self-termed "curmudgeons," large and small egos, practitioners of a variety of Pagan religions: we all came together in respect and peace to dialogue and listen attentively. This is, we hope, a harbinger of greater cooperation to come.

Many of us have experienced what I termed "the soft underbelly" of the Pagan movement: "witch wars," irresponsible communication, and personal attacks. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and we wonder, "Why have I dedicated my life to this movement?" What the Summit showed us was that this, too, is the movement -- respect, dialogue, cooperation, and warmth. And together, we can do anything!

Analysis of Pagan movement's needs
We cooperatively devised a remarkably coherent analysis of the "state of the Pagan union." Our main concerns are solidarity, efficient use of resources, professionalism, and responsibility and accountability.

Brainstormed solutions
We brainstormed an extensive list of possible solutions to the movement's needs. Those ideas will be posted here on the site for others to take inspiration from as well.

Made personal commitments
We each made a personal commitment to take this information back to our organizations and communities in some way, whether as new projects or just deepening our understanding and commitment to existing ones.

Bonded through ritual
We experienced a moving, beautiful, inspiring multitradition Pagan ritual which respected the integrity of our respective faiths while finding the unity within those traditions.

Walked the talk
We demonstrated that respectful dialogue and the consensus process can work within the Pagan movement, even when those participating have widely divergent spiritual beliefs and perspectives.

Had a lot of fun!
We talked, we laughed, we sang, we learned charades for "focus," we ate, we drummed, we wept, we hoped, we dreamed! And, perhaps most amazing of all, we stayed on schedule and even (gasp) were ahead of schedule at some points! All in all, a fantastic use of our 41 hours together.

Past accomplishments
Many of the people invited to the Summit have worked together over the last several years to achieve significant accomplishments:
• The AP project urged the Associated Press to update its Stylebook to include information on Paganism
• The dictionary project urged dictionary publishers to update their Pagan-related definitions to reflect current usage
• We created and signed several joint letters, including one decrying the racist co-option of Asatru and, more recently, the anti-Pagan tone of the Bush administration
• We responded in a coordinated, collective fashion to the attempts of Rep. Bob Barr to end the practice of Wicca on military bases, by issuing a joint press release to international media on a scale never before attempted, and publishing a brochure and flyer which Pagans everywhere could download and post.
• The Papal Apology project developed a letter signed by over 1000 Pagans to request that the Pope include Pagans in his Millennial Apology
• We developed the Boilerplate letter-writing site, building on the consensus we had already developed for terminology and defiitions