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List of projects
Our last working session of the Summit gave each person an opportunity to state what s/he would do with the information and inspiration s/he received at the event. The result is listed below: both specific projects people committed to putting together and a general offering of skills. Many of the people listed below also volunteered to help with others' projects.

The Pagan movement has three main avenues for interfacing: festivals, publications, and the Internet. We are committed to using all these resources to develop better organizations which more effectively meet the needs of our people.

Local networking
Will network with local social service agencies around the WHOOFBACI and also with local interfaith groups.

National Pagan census
Contract with a reputable, neutral organization to determine how many Pagans there are in the US.
More on this project

Sacred Earth Alliance
Improve SEA list of contacts and database.

National Pagan prison project
Develop national prison project for federal prisons.
[Patrick M.]

Revamp Pagn-Leaders e-mail list
Focus list on those who run 501c3 organizations
More on this project
[Jerrie, Moose]

Ardantane Project
Improve program, taking wisdom from Summit re: leadership and development into the existing program.

WHOOFBACI test case
Apply for funding to the Office of Faith-Based Action and Community Initiatives.

Offline networking
Get information out to the grassroots that is not online.

Progressive resource search engine
Seeking suggestions for search engine on civil rights, human rights, environment, etc.

Pagan press project
Put together a network of people involved with Pagan publishing

Burning Times Project
Create archive of all materials related to Burning Times and discrimination.

Pagan Portal Project
One-stop search engine for access to every aspect of Paganism. "Witchvox for the Pagan movement as a whole."
More on this project

"Officialize" this group's existence
Devise name, visual identity, and structure of this group in order to present more professional, unified presence to the mainstream.
More on this project
[Cairril, Steve, Pete, Oberon, Dagonet, Owl]

Council on Pagan Ethics
Continue working on Pagan business issues.

Organize and host summits and conferences
Organize regional and local summits to bring together the leadership in those areas, foster leadership development, address local and regional issues, etc.
[Tempest, Jerrie, Charlie, Drema, Lance, Dagonet]

Calendar of events
Make a searchable database with links to the larger festivals. Make archives accessible.

Next generation issues
Write and promote info on issues of importance to developing the next generation of Pagans.

Host Pagan e-mails lists
Offer secure server for ad-free Pagan e-mail lists.

Spread the word
Publicize the Summit's activities, results, and goals through publications, festivals, and on the Internet.

NYT ad
Sometime in the future, collectively take out a full-page ad in the New York Times on 31 October, saying to the effect "Witchcraft is not what you think." Co-signed by as many organizations as possible.

National Pagan Leadership Conference
Organize national leadership conference focused on training and developing leadership.

Original Pagan Artists League
Deal specifically with merchant issues.

Pagan interview series
Develop a series of articles and interviews with Pagan leaders on leadership issues.

Offers resources for Pagan web projects.

Pagan readers poll
Conduct poll to determine what readers actually practice.
[Laura and Khristine]

Continue the analysis and articulation of terminology within the movement, inviting feedback.
[Isaac, Elizabeth]

Pagan Pride Project
Seeking project sponsors in every community!
[Dagonet and Cec]

Pagan World Project
Seeking contacts and information on various paths of Paganism around the world for forthcoming book and international Pagan networking endeavors.

Pagan publishing
Increase the professionalism of Pagan publishing and facilitate networking among Pagan writers.

Develop stronger Pagan identity
Advocate for meta-level Pagan identity while retaining individual faith identity.

Individuals also offered their skills as consultants in:
• Web page building/tech skills [Phaedra]
• Leadership skill-building [Patrick Price, Charlie]
• Fundraising [Angie, Patrick Price]
• Interfaith training [Selena, Diana]
• Networking [Macha]
• Consensus process [Sparky]
• Drafting and editing press releases, public announcements, etc. [Cairril]