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Memorable quotes
The Pagan movement is blessed with an abundance of wordsmiths, punsters, and smart alecks. Here are a few of the memorable quotes overheard at the Summit.

“I am leaving behind cynicism engendered by too much contact with the Pagan underbelly.”
- Rose "Owl" Wise

"Organizing Pagans is like herding cats, but getting money out of them is like milking geese."
- Pete Pathfinder Davis

"What's a self-trained pain-in-the-ass like me doing in a room full of people I've only read about in Drawing Down the Moon?!"
- Dagonet Dewr

"You know it's a great event when nobody wants to go to bed!"
- Elizabeth Barrette

"The rats of despair have been transformed into the hopeful hamsters of possibility."
- Patrick Price

"Blessed Be, y'all!"
- Phaedra & Keith Oorbeck

"We should be glad to be a herd of cats -- what is a herd of cats but a pride?"
- Deborah Ann Light

[On the morality of fundraising:]
"Because no one person should have to pay for all those doughnuts."
- Angie Buchanon

"...and I am not in any way speaking as a representative of CoG."
- Deborah Ann Light, Andras Corban Arthen, M. Macha NightMare, Amber K, Azrael Arynn K, and Diana Paxson, each in her/his turn

"We can still all be on our islands as long as we build bridges one to the other."
- Diana Paxson

"Let's never forget the greatest thing we can give each other is the signposts to who we truly are."
- Dagonet Dewr

Morning prayer, day one:
"This day is your love-gift to us. This dawn, we take it from your hand. Make us busy in your service throughout its hours, yet not so busy that we cannot sing a happy song. And may the south wind blow its tenderness through our hearts, that we bear ourselves gently towards all. And may the sunshine of it pass into our thoughts, so that each shall be a mirror of your thought, noble and right."
- from Hebridean Altars, Alistair MacLean, Moray Press 1937.

Morning prayer, day two:
"Dearest Goddess, be our helpmate. May the flowers we plant today become a rose garden by tomorrow."
- adapted from Dearest Goddess, a collection of Latvian dainas translated by Eso Benjamins, Current Nine Publishing 1985.