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Heartfelt thanks
Many thanks to all who have helped make the Summit possible:
Elizabeth Barrette, for helping to develop the Summit agenda and determine how the Summit would actually work. Also for coordinating the Pagan press, sharing many excellent suggestions, and offering steadfast support.

Selena Fox and Sparky T. Rabbit for sharing their outstanding facilitation skills in the breakout sessions and especially in the large-group session on Sunday morning. Special thanks to Selena for her many excellent suggestions and her warm encouragement.

Moose, Susan Granquist, Owl, and Skip Ellison for thoughtfully devising a beautiful and meaningful ritual.

Daniel for loyal support, rant-filled dinners!, cell phone research, and cat herding.

Tony Brewer and Heather Lea for offering their home to Summit guests and for enthusiastic cat herding.

Phillip Garver, David Sassman, and Gail Brown for even more great cat herding!

M. Macha NightMare for many good suggestions and a zillion e-mail addresses!

Jerrie Hildebrand for a shoulder to cry on and clear-headed advice and support.

Brighid, the ancestors, and the Barrow People for starting it all and guiding my steps along the way.

All who helped scrape wax off the floor!

All attendees for your enthusiasm, ideas, suggestions, patience, generous donations, my wonderful presents!, and your time. Blessings on all who helped create this sacred event.