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Who was invited
Alexei Kondratiev
Alison Harlow, CoG
Amber K, Writer
AmberMaeve, CoG
Andras Corban Arthen, EarthSpirit
Angie Buchanon, Circle Sanctuary
Anne Newkirk Niven, Publisher
Anodea Judith, CAW
Aranea, PagaNet News
Beltana, Wolvenwold
Bill Kilborn, Journey to the One
Bill Stewart, CAW
Brandy Williams, Activist
Cairril Adaire, PEN
Cassius Julianus, Nova Roma
Cecylyna Dewr, Int'l Pagan Pride
Chas Clifton, Writer
Charlayne Denny, Council of Magickal Arts
Cheryl Sulyma-Masson, Witches' League for Public Awareness
Christine Craft, Witches Against Religious Discrimination
Dana Eilers, Attorney
Darla Kaye Wynne, Witches Against Religious Discrimination
David Oringderff, Sacred Well
De-Anna Alba, Solitary
Deborah Ann Light, CoG
Deirdre Pulgram Arthen, EarthSpirit
Dennis Carpenter, Circle Sanctuary
Diana Paxson, The Troth
Diane Darling, Editor
Don Frew, CoG
Dylan Masson, Witches' League for Public Awareness
Ellen Evert Hopman (Willow), Order of the Whiteoak
Elizabeth Barrette, Editor
Firewalker, Order of the Crystal Moon, FOI
Francesca de Grandis, The 3rd Road
Fred Ludwig, PagaNet News
Fritz Jung, The Witches' Voice
Galadriel, CoG
Gary Lingen, Radical Faerie
George Franklin, Reclaiming Quarterly
Isaac Bonewits, Ar nDraoicht Fein
Jade, Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess
Jane Raeburn, Columnist
Jerrie Hildebrand, AREN
Jim Looman, CAW
Joan Becelaere, CUUPS
John Adelmann, ADF
John Machate, Military Pagan Network
John Yohalem, Enchante
Judy Harrow, Writer
Khristine Annwn Page, Crescent Magazine
Kisma Stepanich, Fellowship of Isis
Kit, Texas Pagan Awareness Organization
LaSara FireFox, CAW
Larry Cornett, Sacred Earth Alliance
Laura Schmidt, Crescent Magazine
Lauren Foster-MacLeod, Blessed Bee
Lowell McFarland, Tuan Today
M Macha Nightmare, Witch At Large
Maerian Morris, Green Egg
Margot Adler, Writer
Marilyn Dillon, Council of Magickal Arts
Mary Greer, Fellowship of Isis
Maryam Povey, Wyrdweavers Collective
Michael Dorn, Pagan Community Council of OH
Nancy Machin, PEN
Nuin, New Moon Rising
Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, CAW
Orion Foxwood, Foxwood Temple
Pat McCollum, >Prison ministry
Patricia Monaghan, Writer
Patrick Price, CUUPS
Paul Beyerl, Rowan Tree Church
Pete Pathfinder, ATC
Phaedra Oorbeck, CUUPS
Phyllis Currott, Writer & lawyer
Prudence Priest, The Troth
Raven Grimassi, Writer
Robert Brown, Cornell University Pagans
Robin Wood, Artist & author
Robin Woodsong, CUUPS
Rona Coomer-Russell, Military Pagan Network
Ruth Barrett, Feminist spirituality
Sam Webster, magician
Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary
Selena Ivy Firesinger, WARD
Shannon Rivard, Pagan Educational Network
Silver RavenWolf, WPPA
SilverDrake Fey, Circle Sanctuary
Skip Ellison, ADF
Sparky T. Rabbit, Faggot Witch/Trickster
Steve Foster, AREN
Starhawk, writer
Susan Granquist, Irminsul Aettir
Talon, Order of the Crystal Moon, FOI
Theresa Jones, Lady Liberty League
Tom Dixon, Ozark Avalon
Trish Telesco, Writer
Vibra Willow, Reclaiming
Vicki Meith, Celtic Trad Order of Druids
Waverly Fitzgerald, The Beltane Papers
Wende Northstar Davis, ATC
Wendy Nichols, PEN
Wren Walker, The Witches' Voice
Z Budapest, Women's Spirituality Forum